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Civil Engineering

Lehner Associates provides full civil engineering services, for all aspects of site development, including design and engineering for on-site and necessary off-site improvements.  Building and site grading, paving design, site underground utilities, roadways, site access, detention ponds, are all handed by our experienced personnel applying their years of expertise with the engineering stands of local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

Lehner Associates provides full civil engineering services.

PROJECT TYPES:                                                           SCOPE OF SERVICES:

Multi-Family Residential                                                    On-Site Development

Site Condominiums                                                           Off-Site Development

Single Family-Residential Developments                          Grading and Drainage Plans

Educational Facilities                                                         Water, Storm, and Sanitary Sewer Plans

Financial Institutions                                                          Utility Plans and Profiles

Religious Buildings                                                            Pump Station Designs

Commercial and Retail Developments                              Erosion Control Design

Industrial Developments                                                    Drainage/Flood Studies

Municipal Facilities                                                            Construction Support

Manufactured Housing Communities